for Your Kitchen: Yellow

Color for Your Kitchen: Yellow

See how to use shades of yellow in your kitchen.

Thu, 7 Mar 2013|

From lively blonde to bold mustard. Yellow works in kitchens of every style. Get a yellow kitchen without paint by adding yellow accents to a kitchen with blonde wood cabinets, you bring out the wood's yellow undertones. Highlight the wood's undertones by putting yellow dishes on display with open shelving. Take a literal approach to the color with painted cabinets. This buttery yellow kitchen is bright and welcoming and a timeless classic. Make a bold color statement with a saturated mustard yellow on the island and lower cabinets. Pale upper cabinets and white walls balance the daring color along with large windows and plenty of natural life. Brighten your kitchen with a dab of yellow or full dose and create a cheerful spot in your home.