Christmas Ornaments

Easy Christmas Ornaments

Cover your tree with easy Christmas ornaments -- these homemade crafts won't disappoint.

Thu, 29 Nov 2012|

5 easy Christmas ornaments. Idea 1. Swirl paint inside glass ornament, let dry. Add stickers. Idea 2. Clean sap from pinecones and dust with spray snow. Tie on a ribbon. Idea 3. Paint swirls on a papier-mache disk. Edge two cupcake liners with glitter. Then fold liners in half, then accordion-fold. Idea 4. Wrap a small box. Tie baker's twine into a hanging loop. Then tie on ribbon and tag. Idea 5. Thread one acrylic bead onto embroidery floss. Poke a needle through a paper strip. Thread on two more beads and loop the paper. Repeat until the paper strip has been looped. Tie floss into a hanging loop.