in Yellow

Decorating in Yellow

A yellow room can project a sunny look or a rich decadent vibe. See how to decorate in yellow and how to incorporate yellow into a room's color scheme and get inspired to use this versatile hue in your home's decor.

Fri, 2 Nov 2012|

-Decorating with a group of similar colors is called an analogous color scheme and offers a way to create a vibrant space while sticking to a specific family of colors. The color wheel is the perfect place to start when decorating a room because it shows how colors relate to each other. The dynamic analogous color scheme begins with one color such as yellow and adds in those next to it on the color wheel. Let's look at how an analogous color scheme works when decorating with yellow and vibrant shades of pink and orange. In an analogous color scheme, ground the space by keeping large pieces of furniture, in this case, the yellow armchair and sofa, the same color and free of pattern and texture. In addition, the pale yellow walls in this room are used as a neutral giving the room a solid sturdy background and allowing for brighter bolder accents. Next, bring in one eye-catching pattern in another color from the scheme. In this room, curtains offset the bright colors with a mod geometric print in pink and orange to command attention. With golden yellow as the anchor, neighboring colors from the color wheel punch up the scheme with pink Roman shades, fuchsia and orange throw pillows, a fold ottoman, and wide-stripe rug in pink and red. On its own, an analogous color scheme is already vibrant and interesting. You can keep accessories to a minimum. If you choose to add a few, try using white. Against the bright colors, white will look crisp and won't compete with the rest of the room.