in Bright Colors

Decorating in Bright Colors

Create a cheerful look in any room by decorating in bright colors. Learn how to create a bright color scheme that can be used in any room by taking a cue from the color wheel.

Fri, 2 Nov 2012|

-Design a balanced room by using a split-complementary color scheme from the color wheel. To decorate with this color scheme, choose one color and then add in its complement and a color near its complement on the color wheel. This trio creates a high degree of contrast that is less intense than a true complementary design. We'll show you how to decorate with bright colors using the split-complementary hues of red orange, yellow orange, and shades of blue. Curtains with a big floral print in all three colors inspired the room's color scheme. Here, the orange-based yellow carries over to the sofa while splashes of bold coral appear on the accent chair and ottoman. Add dimension by using different shades of one color. The aqua blue in the curtains is balanced by royal blue in the rug. The rug ties the complete palette together while the accent pillows pull in more blue and pops of coral. With such a strong color scheme, keep the background neutral. Pale walls, blinds, and whitewashed flooring allow the rest of the room to shine. A split complementary color scheme creates a high energy room without the intensity of a complementary scheme and the color combinations are almost endless.