to Decorate Cookies with Icing

How to Decorate Cookies with Icing

Top your cookies with beautiful decorative icing, ensuring your cookie plate always stands out in a crowd. Watch as our Test Kitchen expert demonstrates two easy icing techniques: how to swirl the icing, and how to create hearts on your decorative cookies.

Thu, 9 Aug 2012|

I'm Sue with Better Homes and Gardens. Want to kick your cookie decorating up a notch? With our Test Kitchen secrets to success, you can learn a few simple tricks to make a dazzling decorating impression. Check out these techniques: To create a marbled effect, place a few drops of colored royal icing on a piped and flooded cookie. Make sure the base coat of the icing is still wet or the drops of colored icing won't blend into the base coat. Then use a toothpick to swirl the colored icing into the base coat to create the marbling. Don't over swirl or you'll use the effect. Here's how to make heart shapes in the base coat. Place several drops of colored icing in a line in the base coat while it's still wet. Using a toothpick, drag through each drop from top to bottom. Finally for a filigree look, let the base coat harden. Then using a piping bag fitted with a small rounded tip, pipe squiggles on top of the base coat. Be sure to let all decorated cookies to dry full before storing or serving. With Better Homes and Gardens secrets to success, dramatic and delicious cookies are yours for the holidays or any time of year.