to Pick a Cookie Baking Sheet

How to Pick a Cookie Baking Sheet

Baking your favorite batch of chocolate chip cookies has never been easier! Our quick guide to baking sheets (they really make the difference) helps you get the tastiest cookies every time.

Wed, 8 Aug 2012|

-I'm Sue with the Better Homes and Gardens test kitchen. Think all cookie sheets are created equal? Think again, there are some important characteristics to this essential piece of kitchen equipment that will help you bake perfect cookies every time. Here's what to look for. In the test kitchen, we use that classic cookie sheet, one that has one or two angled edges while all the other sides are edgeless. They are really helpful for getting a spatula underneath the cookies after basking. Now, if you don't have these, don't worry. You can still bake cookies. If your sheets have an edge, you can flip over and bake on the bottom or just arrange the dough so that the cookies don't spread into the sides during baking, but not matter what you bake the cookies on, it's important that it's made out of heavy duty metal. Flimsy, inexpensive pans, don't conduct heat well, caused uneven baking, and they tend to warp in the oven, which can cause misshapen cookies. Another important characteristic is the cookie sheet's color. In the test kitchen, we prefer light colored ones over those with darker nonstick coatings, which can cause over browning. If you all you have is a dark sheet, here is our secret for getting around that, simply cover it with foil and bake the cookies as directed and I just have to tell about parchment paper. Lining cookie sheets with parchment make for easy cleanup, no greasing required, even cooking, and minimal spreading. Many grocery stores carry it, but if you don't have it, simply for follow the recipe for instructions on how on how the pan should be prepped. Many call for a lightly greased sheet, but it all depends on the type of cookie. With Better Homes and Gardens cookie sheets secrets to success, you will be on your way to baking the best cookies ever