to Make Your Own Flavorful Chocolate Chip Cookies

How to Make Your Own Flavorful Chocolate Chip Cookies

For a chocolate chip cookie unlike any other, watch our secrets to adding unique flavors. We help get the proportions just right so you’ll finish with a tasty batch of chocolate chip cookies every time.

Tue, 7 Aug 2012|

-I'm Sue with Better Homes and Gardens. There is nothing a home-made chocolate chip cookie but with our secrets to success you can create an entirely new cookie just by changing the flavor profile and tweaking the way you bake them. Here's what I mean. First, the flavor profile. Once you've made the cookie dough, instead of stirring in semi-sweet chocolate pieces and walnuts, try folding in white chocolate pieces and chopped macadamia nuts. Or if you're really crazy about chocolate, what about stirring in a combination of milk chocolate, bitter-sweet and semi-sweet pieces. Dried fruit like raisins, cherries or cranberries are great editions too. The point is, you can add whatever you like just use the same measurement as the original recipe so the cookie is well-balanced and flavor. Second, the way you bake the dough can change the look and feel of the cookie entirely. In the test kitchen, we use scoops a lot. They're great for making perfectly round, evenly shaped cookies that will all cook at the same rate. And they give you a lot of flexibility in terms of size and how many you get out of a batch of dough. Keep in mind though that baking time is may vary from what the rest be indicates. For really big cookies, use a quarter cup measuring cup or a large ice scream scoop. If you don't feel like baking several sheets of scooped cookies, just press the dough into a baking sheet with a raised edge for bar cookies or even a pizza pan to make cookie wedges. These are great for kids parties. Just give them tubes of purchased frosting and let them do the decorating. With Better Homes and Gardens secret to success, putting your very own spin on chocolate chip cookies has never been easier.