to Make a Celebration Cake

How to Make a Celebration Cake

To make this whimsical topsy-turvy cake, all you need are ordinary pans and bowls, a long knife, and a playful sense of baking adventure. See how to make it in this video.

Mon, 9 Apr 2012|

-Yes, you can bake in other vessels that you have in your kitchen. It's important that each layer has a support. What you'll need is a thin piece of cardboard and some drinking straws. The drinking straws, you insert it in the center of the layered cake and use a pair of scissors to snip it so it's level with the top of the cake. Those straws are used as the support for your next cake layer. By refrigerating the cake for about 15 minutes to 20 minutes, it makes it much easier to cut the cake on a diagonal. It keeps the crumbs down and firms up the cake a little bit. Once you've cut your cake layers to assemble, make sure you have a nice layer of frosting in between. So, remember, it's going to be a little wonky and that frosting is going to be used as glue. Assembling the bowl cake is quite simple but you want to make sure that the top of each cake layer is leveled. Spread a nice, even layer of frosting on one cut side of the bowl layer. Place the other semi-circle on top, cut side down and sandwich so you get that nice bowl shape. And the cardboard is cut so it fits just on the bottom of the cake. Place your cake on a plate on top of a higher vessel. I like to take a straw or a wooden skewer and I'll insert it down the center so I have some perches. That way, I can hold it while I'm adding my frosting. And when I add my frosting, that first coat, I'm not concerned about getting it smooth. I'm just concerned about getting a nice, even layer of frosting on the outside of the cake. Take your offset spatula. Starting at the bottom, smoothing that frosting, not a lot of pressure and making clean swipes. Each time, I bring the frosting up. I take my offset spatula and clean it before I come back again. Press the skewer again to the side of the cake to mark where your lines are going to be. The cake can be decorated in making some lines and using that wooden skewer. Polka dots, how easy are they. You could add some little decorations like pearl eyes or nonpareils. For finishing touches on your cake, make a cute little bow out of our candy clay. Simply, roll in your candy clay out to about 1/8 inch thick and cutting it into 1-1/2 inch wide strip and about 7 inches long. Fold each end over to create that bow shape. Pinch the center and then use another little piece to wrap around the bow in the center to cover that pinched area. Secure it on to the cake with a wooden skewer or toothpick. Have fun with this. Really try baking in other vessels in your kitchen. You will be amazed at what you can make.