to Grill Vegetables

How to Grill Vegetables

Get our tips for grilling asparagus, zucchini, squash, peppers, onions, mushroom caps, and eggplant.

Tue, 21 Jun 2011|

A great way to serve up vegetables just toss them on your grill. Hi, I'm Lori from the Better Homes and Gardens test kitchen, and today, I just wanna share some little tips about grilling vegetables. Just wanna make sure the pieces are big enough, so they don't pop through the grates of your grill. What I like to do with my squash and my zucchini is just simply have it lengthwise. They, they just sit on the grill real nice. There's no rolling around. Same thing with the Zucchini, just take it, just have it lengthwise. For peppers, I have already quartered my pepper, but if you like, you could just simply halve the pepper. So, we have our pepper pieces. For onion, make sure you have pretty good thick slices of onion. That way, they will stay together up a little bit during grilling and when you go to turn them, they don't fall apart. So, I like to do all 3 quarter to almost an inch size. Mushroom flap simple enough. All I like to do is just remove the stem and really they are ready to go. You can leave these whole to serve them or to slice them up. For eggplant, pretty much the same with our onion, you just wanna do some nice thick slices, only just simply lay on your grill rack. Just before throwing them on the grill, what I like to do is just brush them with a little of olive oil or cooking oil. Choose whatever oil you like and then just quick sprinkling of some salt and pepper to taste. Now, it's time to head out to the grill. So, I've got these beautiful vegetables. They are all seasoned and ready to be put on the grill. And just gonna take them, put them directly on the grill rack, directly over medium heat. Once they are on the grill, you're just gonna close the lid and grill them all anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes depending on the vegetable. You really don't wanna turn too many times. You'll get really nice grill marks if you just turn them once during grilling and you kind of test doneness every once in a while to your desired doneness. If you like your vegetables a little bit more crisp tender, you may not wanna cook on this long, but these are gonna cook up really fast, give a really good grill marks, impart a really good flavor, and then with the asparagus here, what I just like to do is just lay them perpendicular, so they don't fall through Then, we'll just close the lid about halfway through grilling. We're gonna just give them 1 quick churn. Okay, the vegetable should be about the halfway done. So, oh don't look pretty. I'm just gonna turn them here. Oh, look the beautiful grill marks you get, and then for the asparagus, you just kind of wanna roll that around a little bit, just so they cook evenly. Oh, that's nice and then we wanna check our peppers here. Slip over our mushrooms, and we probably got a few more minutes yet left on these. Oh, these look great to me. They look like they are ready to be put on a beautiful platter and ready to serve. What a great way to serve vegetables and easy to. Look at that, few minutes on the grill. Look what you end up with, beautiful vegetables that your entire family will love.