Chops Primavera

Pork Chops Primavera

This fresh and fast Everyday Easy Meal makes the most of pork, you get chops, a little taste of bacon, and a heapin' helpin' of vegetables.

Thu, 26 Aug 2010|

-Better Homes and Gardens is pleased to partner with General Mills to bring you Everyday Easy Meals. We all live busy lives, so finding time to make delicious healthy food can be tough. The solution? Better Homes and Gardens Everyday Easy Meals. Pork is so versatile and this quick recipe makes the most of it using both bacon and chops. It looks great; tastes even better; and best of all, it's on the table in less than 30 minutes. You need just 5 main ingredients; some green beans, some apple butter, some fresh grape or cherry tomatoes, 4 pork chops, and some thick peppery bacon. And from your pantry, a little soy sauce and some olive oil. I'm going to start with pork chops. All I have to do is brush on a little soy sauce. Give it a nice coating on both sides with soy sauce. That adds a lot of flavor. Let those brown up. Now, add a half of cup of apple butter and a quarter cup of water to the pan. Reduce the heat and let that simmer covered for about 5 minutes. Now, that's the pork, but what about the prima vera? I've got my frozen green beans. They're a great shortcut. I'm just gonna pop them into the microwave, and while they cook, I'm just gonna give my bacon a rough chop into about 1-inch pieces. These green beans are done and I'm gonna add them right in with the pork chops. I'm going to add my tomatoes then I'm going to add my bacon and I'm gonna let all of that cook for about 3 to 5 minutes until the sauce starts to thicken up. So now, I'm ready to serve this out. I'm gonna placed it chopped right on the plate and then I'm gonna ladle the sauce right over the top. It's so easy and delicious and so is the simple variation. Just by changing what you put into the sauce, you have a whole different meal. Trade off the beans and tomatoes for some pineapple slices and a little bit of red sweet pepper and put that over your pork chop for a fabulous Hawaiian island flavor. There's no reason not to have a home-cooked meal when it's an everyday easy meal.