Cabinet Upgrade

Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade

Learn How To Update Cabinets Without Replacing Them.

Thu, 5 Aug 2010|

Now one of the things that can change the look of your kitchen more than anything else is the change, the look, and style of your kitchen cabinets. After doing a lot of alteration that may require relocating appliances or basically changing the layout of your kitchen, you may need all new kitchen cabinets, but here's a few other alternative to change the look of the cabinets themselves. Now, these home owners chose to replace all of the hardware at a very inexpensive, very do it yourself way to slightly change the overall look. They had a little trouble deciding on exactly what hardware they wanted, but they made the right choice. Another option is to replace all of your cabinet doors. You can take all of the doors, measure them, have a cabinet maker, make all new doors for you and then the installation there is fairly simple. Another option is one that has been very popular over the last few years is to completely repaint all of the cabinets, and all of these ideas are great options. Although replacing hardwares are fairly simple process, you could save yourself some aggravation by removing a piece of your old hardware, taking it with you to the home center. Then you can match up the mounting holes between the old and the new to ensure a good fit. Door replacement is a great way to upgrade the looks of a kitchen because it minimizes the time the kitchen is out of you, unlike the removal and replacement of an entire set of kitchen cabinets. While new doors aren't cheap, they are far less expensive in a complete set of cabinet, and the change out of doors required much less likely. Painting is of course inexpensive and do it yourself friendly, but a good preparation is a much to make paint last on kitchen cabinets. You have to remove all of the dirt and grease by cleaning them with a solvent first, followed by light sanding. If the cabinets haven't maintained before, they'll need primer and more sanding before you can apply the finish coat. Here's a tip to minimize your brush strokes, adding a paint conditioner to the finished paint to promote better adhesion and minimize the appearance of brush strokes in the finished product. I mentioned earlier, these home owners were having a little of a challenge trying to figure out exactly what hardware to use on there kitchen cabinets, and they did a smart thing here by buying a number of different knobs they were considering and hinges. And then they actually brought at home and install them on there cabinets to see which one they like the best. Not a bad idea because, you know, how it is in the store. It always looks a little bit different than when you actually get them installed.