Grilling Shrimp

Looking for a griller everyone loves? Learn the secret to perfectly grilled shrimp. Skewered or sauteed, it's fast, flavorful, and easy.

Fri, 27 Aug 2010|

Charlie Worthington here. Shrimp, whether it's an appetizer or an entrée, I can show you how to get it on the grill. Okay. First things first, you wanna preheat your grill to medium heat. It's gonna take 8 or so minutes and you wanna make sure you cleaned it off with your grill brush and one first things about shrimp, treat it like a 2-year-old, never leave it alone because if you walk away, it's gonna overcook, they cook really quickly. So we're gonna skewer these ones. Instead of using one skewer, which a lot of people do, I wanna put 2 skewers on this and the reason for that is they're not gonna spin like a pinwheel on your grill, so you take your shrimp and you just put the 2 skewers, slide it on. In that way when you turn it, you're not gonna have it spinning on the skewer and you're not gonna have a fight with it. So let's get those on the grill. Before the skewers, you wanna soak these for half an hour to an hour because they are wood and they will burn and while you're soaking a great trick is to actually put some extra skewers in that water and then take them and put them in a resealable bag and then put them in your freezer. In that way when you get home and you wanna throw some shrimp on it, you got the skewers ready to go. You don't have to wait for them to soak in the water. So we're gonna throw these in the grill. Before you do that, we're just gonna give it a little spritz with some grill spray or you can do a light coating of grease. We don't want them to stick. And you wanna let those sit there for you don't wanna turn them too quickly. You want them to get a nice coating on the bottom; otherwise, they're gonna stick. And if you don't wanna do the skewers, or say you got some shrimp marinated and you're ready to go but you're running a little late, another trick is to actually take your shrimp and right out of the marinade and use one of these great, these are called wok or a grill basket and just take your shrimp and throw it right in there, and this is gonna take a little bit more time than the skewers are gonna take, but you don't have the mess of the skewers and the time to skewer them again. It's great on the skewers but this just saves you a little bit of time and you're just gonna toss these around and cook them. You're gonna get the same great grilling flavor. These are ready to turn, you're gonna turn these and cook them for a couple of more minutes. You want them to be opaque and firm to the touch. Perfect. A little bit of browning. Give this one a turn, give these in the wok another toss, give these a few more minutes and they'll turn opaque. They're gonna be firm to the touch. They're quick, they're easy. They take almost any seasoning and they're ready to go. You're ready to go.