Controlling Heat

With our insider tips, heating things up (and cooling them down) on your charcoal grill is almost as easy as turning a knob on a gas grill.

Thu, 5 Aug 2010|

Charlie Worthington here. Age-old debate. Gas versus charcoal. A lot of people think that gas is more controllable. Guess what. I'm gonna show you how to control your charcoal grill just as easily. First thing you gotta know to control your temperature in a grill is what temperature it is. A lot of grills come with a thermometer right in the top, take a look at it, find out what temperature it is. This is great for indirect grilling. If you don't have one in the cover, you can just buy a thermometer and put it inside of the grill and take a look at it there. If you don't have that, you can do it with a hand method which is put your hand above the grill about the height of a soda can and if you can hold it there for 2 to 4 seconds, that's hot; 5 to 7, medium; 8 to 10, that's a low heat. If the temperature isn't correct, there's a couple of ways to fix that. One is by the positioning of your coals. If you open up your grill, if it's too cool, you push the briquettes together. This is pretty hot right now so you can spread your coals out. It's gonna cool it down a little bit. Close her back up. Some grills also come with an adjustable grill, the rack. You can raise it up if it's cooking too hot and you can lower it if it needs a little bit more heat. Another way to control it is with the vent, and basically what you're doing is you're controlling the amount of oxygen that gets in and out so if you open it up a little bit, give it a little more oxygen, it's gonna heat up and if you wanna cool it down a bit, you just close off the oxygen and if you really wanna kick it up a notch, just open up the bottom vent and the top vent and you get a lot of oxygen flow and those briquettes will get going crazy. So, next time that debate comes up of gas versus charcoal, you'll know what you're talking about.