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Grow Your Own Sunflowers and Roast the Seeds

Sunflowers are a perfect choice for beginning gardeners and when roasted, make for the perfect appetizer.

9 DIY Vertical Gardens For Better Herbs

You dream vividly of the culinary indulgence of fresh-cut herbs, but alas, you don't quite have the real estate for a sprawling formal herb garden. Don't give up on your daydream! With these nine clever vertical herb garden ideas , you'll see it is possible to cultivate a functional and beautiful

Deal of the Day: 34% Off Lifetime Pro Basketball Hoop

This 44" basketball system will make your driveway the talk of the block! With a durable impact-resistant backboard and a dunk-friendly rim, this is the perfect hoop to practice your skills. Have multiple basketball ballers in your home? Don't worry -- the strong arm height adjustment mechanism

This Video Proves That European Windows Do It Better

The way they open makes so much more since than the way windows in the United States open.

Cake Tricks with Tools Already in Your Kitchen

With the fork facing down, run the tips of the fork tines across the top and along the sides of the cake, moving your hand slightly to the left and right to create wavy stripes in the frosting. Swirl the back of the spoon across the top and along the sides of the cake in a circular pattern, lifting

4 Party-Ready Bundt Pan Ideas

Bundt Pan Ice Cream Cake Cold Cut Bundt Sandwich Crab Rangoon Dip Bundt Pan Jalapeno Poppers Bundt Pan Ice Cream Cake Cold Cut Bundt Sandwich Crab Rangoon Dip Bundt Pan Jalapeno Poppers Easy Party Appetizers Warm and Cheesy Appetizer Recipes Easy Slow Cooker Appetizers Toothpick Appetizers Easy and

10 Adorable Etsy Products That Your Dog Needs ASAP

Does it get more fabulous than a color-drenched custom dog portrait painting by BariJ Designs ? No, no, it does not. The whimsy of the flowers, feathers, and necklaces is absolutely beyond, but Bari J also has a magical gift for positively nailing personality. We already know you worship your pup,

How to Grow Lavender for Heavenly Scents and Sensations

Lavender might be the most enjoyable of all herbs. It appeals to almost every sense, with its calming scent, pungent taste, dainty flowers, and velvety gray-green leaves. Bonus points: It is deer-resistant and attracts butterflies and pollinators!

How to Grow Spinach Even Your Kids Will Eat

Spinach -- so good for you, tasty raw or cooked, and super easy to grow -- is one of the best vegetables to plant when it's cool outside.

10 Beauty Apps That Make Your Life Easier

It's 2016! You can order dinner, cash a check, and find love in a swipe. So why not load up your makeup bag, plan your next facial, and choose a new hair hue on your phone, too? Here are the apps that have made glamming up simpler, cheaper, and even more fun.

How To Wear Makeup With Glasses

Glasses have become a chic, wear-with-everything accessory, but making them work with your makeup requires a little extra thought. We asked makeup artist Gita Bass, who works with the often-bespectacled Tina Fey, for her best tips.

Thinking About Lip Fillers? 5 Things to Consider First

It seems like every Hollywood starlet is suddenly sporting fuller lips these days, and there's no denying that going under the needle is a quick and easy way to plump your pout -- but how do you ensure you don't end up with crazy-looking duck lips? (You know the kind.) Ahead, top derms share the ...

How to Dress for Multiple Weddings Where You See the Same People Over and Over

The champagne! The dancing! The romance! It's so much fun when your friends or family are tying the knot! Slightly less fun? A season full of weddings, an aching wallet, and one dress you need to recycle again and again. Avoid being an outfit-repeater with this wedding wardrobe survival kit.

Tiny, Delicate Jewelry That Goes With Everything

Is there anything daintier than a fine gold chain bracelet, a flash of silver from a super skinny ring, or a wire-thin necklace that adds a touch of sheen to your decolletage? These irresistible accessories are super feminine, gorgeously subtle, and will work with everything in your closet -- from ...

Deal of the Day: 58% Off Cube Finder

Have you been known to lose things a time or two? We've all been there, but thanks to this nifty little device, you won't have to worry any longer! The CUBE ensures that all your valuable possessions will never be lost. This small device attaches to anything you simply cannot afford to lose, and if

Deal of the Day: Up to 43% Off Nespresso Sale

Every espresso lover dreams of having a beautiful espresso machine in their very own home. Now is the perfect time to check that off your wish list! With huge discounts on Nespresso's top selling espresso machines and milk frothers , you cannot afford to miss this deal. Pick yours up today and be

Deal: Deal of the Day Nordstrom Home Decor Sale

For all your eclectic decor needs.

Deal of the Day: Up to 50% Off at Overstock's Decorative Accessories Sale

Right this way to the cutest lanterns , throws , and shelving to seamlessly incorporate into your living room. Whether you're ready to transform an entire room or simply add a few signature accents, this huge sale has what you need. Since these beautiful pieces are from Overstock, you know you will


Food and Cooking Encyclopedia: Gelatin

12 Steps to Start a Low-Carb Diet

Consider these 12 helpful tips when switching to a low-carb diet.

Making Cookies more Healthful

Food and Cooking Encyclopedia: Making Cookies More Healthful


Food and Cooking Encyclopedia: Pears


Food and Cooking Encyclopedia: Quince

Caramelized Sugar

Food and Cooking Encyclopedia: Caramelized Sugar

Molding Candy

Food and Cooking Encyclopedia: Molding Candy

5 Easy Flat Iron Hacks

Your flat iron is about to become your best friend. Here are five amazing things this magic wand can do beyond a basic straighten.

Surprising Things You Didn't Know Were Aging You

You know the major causes for wrinkles and dull, older-looking skin -- smoke, sun, and genetics, just to name a few. But did you know that seemingly harmless everyday habits and even the way you wear your hair could make you look older than you actually are? Turn back time quickly just by making a ...

Deal: Deal of the Day Anthropologie Jewlery Sale

Gorgeous, gold jewelry to finish off your outfit!