Outdoor Halloween Decorations for Your Entry

There's a wreath, sure, but also fun spider decals and striped pumpkins in this transformed Halloween house. Take some notes and your house can be the spookiest on the street!

[NOISE] Got a ho-hum Halloween house. Pump up the impact with a few outdoor ideas that won't damage your homes exterior. Scare up a door with a wreath. Grab a critter-filled wreath at your local craft store, or make one yourself. To hang, loop extra-wide ribbon around the top, and discreetly tape the ribbon at the door's top edge. A wreath should hang right where your eye goes, about a quarter of the way from the top of the door. Tie a few hooting owls on posts. No nails needed. Use ribbon to wrap his light weight form and keep him in place. Add black painters paint above and below the owl so trick or treaters can see from the sidewalk. It doesn't get easier, the decal stickers for a quick entry enhancer and you will pay just a few bucks for more decals than you will use in a year. Orange pumpkins are expected. Black, white and gold, pop off the sidewalk. Just prime your pumpkin and paint with craft paints. Use painters tape to create stripes and a letter stencil for words. Or just pencil in the words first, then paint. Plan for 10 to 12 pumpkins for your walkway. Which allows for a few pumpkin clusters on the steps in a display that spans out a few feet from your door. The more tightly gathered your pumpkins, the bigger the impact. With these clever Halloween decorations, your house will be a neighborhood hit