No-Mess Mini Pumpkins

The kids will love this clever craft featuring miniature pumpkins. You'll love the Halloween idea, too, because clean-up is a cinch.

[MUSIC] No mess pumpkins are the perfect craft for little hands try this idea at your next Halloween party. Lay down a cheap outdoor rug to corral any drop supplies and to ensure a quick cleanup. Place pie pumpkins in buckets at kid level for grab and go convenience. A few paper bats fill out the play space. Stickers, markers, pipe cleaners and googly eyes make this craft mess free. Provide small buckets of each supply and make sure to double up so there's no table squabbling. Kids' imaginations are limitless, and your marker color should be too. Red, purple and green all have a spot on the setup. Let the kids loose. Adhesive features are a good choice, so no glue is needed. No parental limits allowed. If one pumpkin gets four eyes, it's all in the Halloween spirit.