No-Fail Fall Centerpiece for Pennies!

Use a bottle collection and natural elements to create a cheap, transportable fall centerpiece that's a stunning as the autumn season.

I'm gonna show you a no fail arrangement for the fall season. What you'll need to get get started: a tray, a collection of bottles in different sizes and heights, water, a funnel, some green moss, berries, a variety of leafy branches, flowers. And a mini pumpkin. So we're gonna start by arranging the bottles in a graduated shape so we get the different heights going down. And one of the tips is you want to make sure that each of the bottles are completely full because that's what stabilizes. So now I'm just gonna. I snip some little branches. I love the little white mum. And you don't want it to feel really condensed, you want it to feel light and loose. Here I'm gonna maybe snip a dahlia. Just add one dahlia like. There's no right or wrong way to do this at all. [MUSIC] Trying to work the arrangement so it feels taller here and works its way down. Then add a miniature pumpkin to finish off the look [MUSIC]