Outdoor Fall Window Box

4-Step Outdoor Fall Window Box

Plant a beautiful outdoor fall display in four easy steps. Our editor shows you how to combine fall flowers and seasonal gourds to create a stunning window box (Hint: It looks great from inside the house, too!).

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Window boxes aren't just for spring and summer. I'm gonna show you how to plant a beautiful fall display. Well I first started off by choosing a color palette. When I went to the garden center, I chose this really pretty, like light rust color, Mum. Then, to add a little bit of contrast I chose shorter versions of the Mums, but in this really pretty rich burgundy color. To center it I used this really pretty decorative kale with the white on the inside. I love how it pulls the green from the mum to the front of the planting box. And also the white is nice with the house. Then, instead of making it feel super overwhelming, I chose to put. A couple of the fall gourds and pumpkins then placing them on a bed of the sheet moss which really softens the entire window box and what I did to create a little symmetry is you know the two little [UNKNOWN] pumpkins then a nice decorative gourd which really makes the whole arrangement feel like you start here and it works down. And then just finish it off with this nice pumpkin right here. And the nice part about it is that from the inside, when you look out, you see the mums in the back and the two little orange gourd pumpkins. So it works great for the outside and from the outside. And remember, when you're picking out plant material for your window boxes, think outside the box. Here is this beautiful, amethyst colored arrangement with all different pretty, tones of purple, which is unexpected. But when you look at it, it really does scream fall without orange, brown and yellow.