Easy Budget Bathroom Storage

Boost your bathroom's storage for less with these smart organization tips and tricks.

[MUSIC] Add practical storage to your bathroom on a budget. Skip the brand new storage unit and repurpose and old hutch. A new backing board, fresh paint and new hardware primed this hutch for bathroom ready storage and affordable add ons [MUSIC] Open shelves are perfect for towels, boxes, and baskets which organize bathroom necessities. Use the buffet top of the hutch as a make-up vanity. Corral bottles and cups for brushes and hair accessories in decorative trays. Put a spin on your morning routine with a turn table, which keeps everything easily accessible. Customize glass jars with labels for even easier organization. Drawers are a great storage asset but can become clutter traps. Avoid the chaos by using plastic drawer dividers. A vanity with built-in storage is an asset. But you can improve its functionality with a simple drawer pull. Simply install it on the side of the vanity to be used as a towel bar. Storage doesn't have to be the void of style either. Stick to a color scheme in your storage accessories. Choose pretty storage containers, and have a few decorative touches. And you're on your way to a stylish and organize bathroom on a budget [MUSIC]