Home Office Organization

Better Home Office Organization

Is your desk a haven for clutter? Clean it up and try this approach for better home office organization and storage.

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[MUSIC] Is your desk more of a dumping ground than an actual work space? Transform it into something more useful with these tricks. With plenty of on the go household management options, you may not need a desk, but still need a spot for all of your stuff which is why this console plus wall storage set up is perfect. Keep need it now papers visible and wall mounted storage and not buried in desk pile ups. Assign each family member a slot in pocket organizers. Slip schedules into clear vinyl document sleeves and save bulletin board square footage. Tabs let you flip to a specific document in a flash. Hang mini bins on the wall and deposit small bits of paper, like tickets, coupons and gift certificates inside. Replace your desk and bulky file cabinet with a slim do it all console. Utilize the top as your desktop and a slimmer surface means stuff has less space to pile up. Convert small trays into drop zones and charging stations for each family member thread cables through binder clips so cords are tangle free on the lower shelves group office supplies in bins and dividers. Pair down filing into two or three file boxes for papers you access monthly. Code types of documents within different colors of hanging folders. If you're not keeping it, toss it. A pair of containers let's you trash or recycle mail as it comes in. With these out in the open storage solutions, that make better use of office space. You'll have a versatile workstation that will help you keep your life organized. [MUSIC]