Ultimate Garage Organization

This garage has storage space for everything - from gardening gear to sports equipment. Take a cue from its setup for your own garage organization strategy.

[MUSIC] Garages are called upon to store a lot of gear and, this garage takes storage to the extreme. Take a look at what makes it the ultimate garage. To counteract clutter, the garage is divided into zones for sports gear, bikes. Gardening and tools. [INAUDIBLE] strips attached to garage walls create vertical storage with specialized tracks for hooks and brackets. Sturdy brackets hold bins on a higher strip. This out of the way storage is perfect for seasonal items. Mesh bins keep sports gear visible and easy to find [MUSIC] Storing bikes vertically saves on valuable floor space. Heavy duty clamps have a quick release mechanism that lets riders get on the road fast. Vinyl floor tiles affixed to the wall minimize marring from muddy tires. A mix of shelves and storage strips keep gardening gear orderly. A tool strip stores larger garden and yard tools. Stacking plastic totes provide mess free storage for bulk yard supplies such as potting soil, birdseed, and mulch. A locked plastic cabinet for gasoline, garden fertilizer, and other adult only supplies rest on a high shelf out of kids' reach. Cabinets and peg board keep tools and hardware in order within a convent work bench station. Labels organize tools on the pegboard, and cord managers wrap hoses and cords with tangle free ease on a track mounted to the wall below the workbench. Pairing custom components with off-the-rack solutions ensures every inch of this garage is put to good storage use. [MUSIC]