Get Organized with Storage Containers

Want to get organized? Pick the right storage container for the right job and you'll be on your way. Follow these tips for choosing bins, baskets, and more.

[MUSIC] When it comes to organization, containers are key. Here's how to pick the right container for the right job. Bins are ideal for stuff you interact with often but they don't protect contents from dust or moisture. They work well for corralling tall items. And grouping items you need at the same time, such as sports gear. Caddies feature handles and dividers for organizing smaller items. Designed for flatware and tools, they are purposed well in baths for toiletries, offices for small office supplies, and for playrooms for crafting items. [MUSIC] Buckets are often meant to be decorative rather than hard working. So test handle and container strength. Tapered sides means you sacrifice some storage space. Use buckets to store remotes and game controls, or shoes, scarves and mittens in an entry. Canisters look great on display, and work well for pantry staples and bathroom goods, like cotton swabs. But because they're cylindrical, you lose storage space. Boxes, because of their lids, are best for holding items you access less frequently. Shop for sturdy versions that allow for stacking, and plan to add labels. Baskets don't stack like boxes, but look great on display. They can be filled to the brim with linens, craft supplies, or packaged foods. Handles make transportation easy. Trays are shallow and ideal for stashing office supplies, toiletries, and other small items. Look for version with lips at least two inches tall to secure contents. Stacking containers saves space on shelves and desktops. [MUSIC] Plan to add labels to containers exteriors so you know what's stored at each level. Now that you know what container to use when, you can store smarter and be more organized. [MUSIC]