Garden Style

Cottage Garden Style

Cottage gardens offer informal charm and beauty. See the best cottage garden plants and cottage garden design ideas to start your own cottage garden.

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[MUSIC] Cottage style may be the most loved gardening style. And creating your own cottage garden might be easier than you think. Certain iconic elements instantly bring cottage charm to a garden. Some of the essentials are picket fences, brick or gravel paths, structures, such as an obelisk, or arched gate. And ornaments like sundials or armillaries. The plants themselves consist of traditional favorites, like roses and blooming perennials like Foxglove, Delphinium, Iris and Peonies. Edibles are right at home in a cottage garden. So feel free to mix in herbs like sage and rosemary and vegetables too. [MUSIC] Cottage plantings are informal in nature, so arrange plants in a natural looking way, not in orderly rows or blocks. However, cottage gardens often have a overall geometry that is highly symmetrical. Put all these elements together and you'll get the romance and charm so loved in cottage gardens.