Easy Cabinet Door Makeover

An Easy Cabinet Door Makeover

See how to transform your kitchen cabinets with a simple stencil treatment.

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Give plain cabinets a new look with the chic stencil treatment. Stencils come in hundre's of styles and shapes, and once you've found the perfect one, you're ready to go to work. Before you start, you'll need a stencil, painters tape, a marker, scissors, a rag, a foam brush, a 4 inch roller, a paint tray, paint, stencil adhesive, and paper towels. Remove the cabinet door to save your neck and back and give you a better angle to work. Place the door on a flat surface. Wipe it with a damp cloth to remove any surface dirt and let dry. Center the stencil on the cabinet. Bend the stencil so all edges lay flat and mark any sections that need to be trimmed. [MUSIC] Cut the stencil along the markings and refit into the panel. Trim as needed. The stencil should lay flat inside the inset panel. Protect any area that isn't being stenciled with painters tape. [MUSIC] Spray the stencil with adhesive and press it onto the cabinet, push out any air bubbles. It's easy to reposition the stencil, so pull up any crooked areas and gently press back into place, make sure all edges are flat before you begin to paint. Next, dip your roller in the paint, avoid soaking the roller, a few light coats are better than one thick coat. Roll the paint using light pressure to avoid pushing paint under the stencil. [MUSIC] Use a small foam brush to dab paint along the edges and into tight corners. Once you have covered the stencil with an even coat or two of paint, let dry for few minutes, then begin at the corner and gently remove the stencil. Your stencil pack should have included a small filler stencil to complete the edges. Like before align the filler stencil, mark and cut as needed. Again. Use the small thumb brush to dab paint on to the filler stencil. Allow the stencil design to dry for six hours, or overnight. Then, remove the painters tape. Latex on latex paint doesn't need to be sealed, but, for extra durability you can top the design with a coat of polyurethane. [MUSIC] Re-hang the doors, and enjoy your kitchen's new look.