Two Easy Ways to Add Under Cabinet Lighting

Make over your kitchen lighting with easy under cabinet lighting. See how to add two different types of undercabinet lighting.

Don't be left in the dark when it comes to working in your kitchen. Adding LED light is simple, easy, and worth the final result. Measure the light, and then cabinet, finding the center. [MUSIC] Install the light toward the front of the cabinet. [MUSIC] Make a mark an inch from each end of the light with a pencil. This is where the brackets will go. [MUSIC] Use a screwdriver to mount the brackets provided. [MUSIC] Snap the light into place, and insert the power cord, mark where it bends, which is where you will want to drill a hole. Since the plug is a separate piece in this model, the hole in the bottom of the cabinet is small, just a half an inch, use a drill with a half inch spade bit, and drill into the mark, under the cabinet. [MUSIC] Snake the cord, through the hole in the underside of the cabinet. [MUSIC] Plug the light into the outlet and turn it on. Don't have an outlet, or can't wire for lighting? Battery operated stick-on under cabinet lights, have come a long way since puck lights. And the width of this version, casts a wider beam. Use the included adhesive, and attach the base to the center bottom of the cabinets. A strong magnet holds this light onto the base. Attach the two together. Click the light on, and enjoy your brighter kitchen. [MUSIC]