The Easiest Window Treatment Ever

Quickly add style to your home with the easiest window treatment ever.

For just a few bucks, you can make the easiest window treatment ever, here's how. First, measure the width and the length of your window, then cut your fabric two inches wider, and three inches longer, to allow for hem. Measure the edges, and iron it along the fold, to create a crisp line. These will be the hems. [MUSIC] Next, use fusible hem tape along the two long sides, and one short side. And iron the hems shut. Leave the other short end unfinished. Next, cut a half-inch square wood dowel, to the width of your window. Paint it to match the window trim. [MUSIC] On a hard surface, carefully align the unfinished end of fabric, along the dowel, and staple it in place with a staple gun. [MUSIC] Hang the shade in the window, by screwing the wood dowel, into the window frame. [MUSIC] Then, you're ready to insert the two tension rods. [MUSIC] Space the rods evenly, and pull fabric through, to create the look of a Roman shade. Position until you like the look. Now you have a simple custom window treatment, that's perfect for any room in your home. [MUSIC]