Summer Garden Maintenance Checklist

Summer is a gardener’s busiest season. If you’re short on time or not sure what to do, follow this easy summer gardening checklist to keep your lawn and garden in great shape all season long.

This summer keep your garden in tip top shape by doing these important tasks. Deadhead perennials. As soon as flowers are spent, cut them off. This keeps the plant looking tidy, and also prevents the seeds from spreading in your garden and becoming weed problem. Pinch back late blooming perennials. At least once in early summer, pinch back sedum, aster and goldenrod to keep them more compact until they bloom. The rule of thumb is to pinch plants back before the 4th of July. Trim dead branches. In summer, when trees are leafed out, you can easily spot dead branches. Trim these off any time you see them. Control weeds. This may be the least favorite summertime chore. But it's important. Reduce the time required for weeding by making it a regular task. Once a week, walk your garden with a hoe in hand and scratch out weeds. If you do it regularly, it only takes a few minutes because the weeds will never get out of hand. Fertilize your lawn. By June, the fertilizer that most homeowners apply, along with their crabgrass preventer, may be wearing off. So it's a good time to apply more. Fertilize annuals and vegetables. Fast-growing annuals and vegetables are typically heavy feeders. Every couple of weeks, apply a dose of fertilizer to keep them actively growing and healthy. Raise your mowing height. During the summer, mow your lawn at the highest setting on your lawn mower. Taller grass is more drought tolerant and will stay healthier during the summer heat.