Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Tips

Get a new look in your kitchen with a few cabinet updates. And best of all, you don't have to completely tear out your cabinets to get a fresh look.

[MUSIC] In order to refresh our kitchen cabinets in our 1950s kitchen, we removed six of the upper cabinet doors and replaced them with glass open cabinetry. [MUSIC] I love how the glass reflects the light from the windows, which makes it feel airy and open. We painted the inside white, and now it really can show off our beautiful whitewear. [MUSIC] One thing to remember when you're putting in glass doors, make sure that your shelf lines up with the ammolean, so you don't have all different shelf levels, which will not make it feel so finish. I added in these rackets, so now it feels more like a built-in hutch instead of just cabinets protruding off the walls. Then we added on black simple matte, shaker knobs from Lowes, that really give it a more modern feel. Remember, you don't have to change all your upper cabinet doors. We only switched out six of them, to really make a huge impact in our budget make over. [MUSIC]