Deck a Christmas Staircase in Two Steps

It's so simple to decorate your staircase for Christmas! Get our damage-free, two-step plan to ensure that the holiday spirit extends from first floor to second.

This Christmas take your staircase from ho-hum to holiday in just two steps. [MUSIC] Forget stockings hung by the fire, utilize your stair treads. To attach, simply thread decorative ribbons through the stockings hanging loop, wind around the stair baluster, then pull to the front and tie a bow to secure. Make sure the bottom of the lowest stocking clears the baseboard. Choose a strong velvet ribbon so you can fill the stockings with lightweight items on Christmas morning. Next, buy a ready made garland that has a strong piece of wire running through its core so you can shape it as needed. Buy garland twice as long as your staircase to accommodate wraps and the bottom nual power. Any access can be clipped with wire cutters and used in other arrangements. Wrap and weave the garland through about every third power all the way down around the bottom nul post. Leave a small amount to puddle on the floor. And in only two steps, you've turned your staircase into a decorative Christmas focal point. [MUSIC]