Cheap and Easy Seedling Pots: Use Newspaper

Here's a cheap, easy and biodegradable pot that's ideal for growing plants from seeds.

Growing plants from seeds is easy and economical. Here's how to recycle newspaper into seedling pots that biodegrade when planted. All you need is newspaper, a wooden dowel called a pot maker and scissors. First cut the newspaper into strips that are about three and a half to four inches wide and about ten inches long. Then, roll a strip of paper around the pot maker dowel, leaving about an inch of paper hanging off the bottom. Press and fold the paper around the bottom of the dowel. Then, put the dowel into its base and press, twisting it back and forth to seal the folds. Remove the paper pot from the dowel and plant it with potting soil and seeds. When you're ready to transplant the seedling you have grown, you can just plant the whole pot. It will biodegrade over time.