July 4th Decorations: Make This Easy Centerpiece

This easy-to-make July 4th centerpiece will wow your guests.

Today I'm gonna show you how to make a supper easy centerpiece that will really wow your guests for the 4th of July. So the materials that you'll need to make this simple centerpiece is an extruded 10 inch reef form, some double stick tape, approximately 300 miniature flag party picks, and coordinating crepe paper streamer. You'll also need a five and a half inch glass hurricane, approximately eight inches tall. So the first step to making this centerpiece is that you wanna cover the wreath completely with the crepe paper streamers, just like so. And you just start from one end and continue all the way around till it's fully covered. When the wreath form is completely covered, simply cut it and secure it with some double stick tape. To start off, you'll place one pick on the outside of the wreath, one on the top, and one on the inner section. Then you continue around the entire wreath making sure to fill it all in, and don't worry about them going all the same direction. You want them to be very random so it makes it feel like they're blowing in the wind. So I'm adding my last flag party pick, and you can see it's nice and full. And all the flags are going different ways, and that's the look that you're going for. And all you have to do now is simply take your hurricane, place your form right over, add your candle. And it's ready for the table. [MUSIC]