July 4th Decorations: Make This Easy Firecracker Garland

This easy-to-make firework garland is a fun way to decorate for July 4th.

Hi, I'm Eddie Ross. Better Homes And Gardens East Coast Editor. Today I'm gonna show you how to make a simple 4th of July decor firecracker garland. To get started, you'll need some twine. We're using masons twine that we found at a hardware store. You'll also need metallic fringe, some metallic tissue paper, gold and silver twist ties, some crepe paper streamers and some colorful ribbon. Start with one sheet of the metallic tissue. Cut it into two inch strips. I've found it easier cutting towards the fold when making the strips. Snip the metallic fringe in to individual pieces. Cut the crepe paper streamers into 18 inch strips. Cut the ribbon approximately the same length as the crepe paper streamers. To assemble the garland, pair a metallic strip with the matte crepe paper strip, and tie it. Now add in the twist ties and ribbon to really make it feel like the firework is exploding. Next we'll add the metallic fringe and silver twist ties to create smaller fireworks between the larger ones. I crinkled the metallic tissue to give the firework a little more sparkle. Go in and trim as necessary, just to make it feel a little more uneven. Feel free to be creative with this garland. There isn't a right or wrong way to make it. No matter where you hang this firework garland, it will definitely add a spark to your 4th of July. [MUSIC]