Holiday Decorations: Make Easy, Glittery Paper Bells

Make these festive holiday paper bell decorations with just five supplies!

Hi, I'm Eddie Ross, East Coast editor for Better Homes and Gardens magazine, and today I'm going to show you how to make these festive holiday bells. To get started, you'll need honeycomb bell decorations, glue dots, glitter spray, ribbon, glittered Christmas ornaments, and scissors. To start, cut the bottom off the bell shape. Then tie a ribbon to the hanger of the Christmas ornament. Stick the tail to the ribbon with a glue dot. [MUSIC] Then put glue dots on the edge of the bell. [MUSIC] Lay the ribbon on the glue dots and press. [MUSIC] Remove the hanger. Expose the adhesive strip on the bell. Then, open the bell. And press the edges together. Lightly spray the bell with glitter spray. Finally, let it dry, then hang up the bells.