3 Things You Need For a Great Party

Maxwell Ryan explains the three things you need to make a great party.

[MUSIC] And the three things you really need, for a good party are, good drinks, good music, and good guests. If we start with good guests I think that every party when you're making the guest list. It wants to have a purpose. You wanna have a social purpose. But I think if you're really clear about, what you wanna get out of the party and you invite your guests to, around that purpose, you'll find that, that party has energy, has life, it has a sort of a, of a momentum to it. Even if the guests don't know what the reason is. Good, music. Good music is, is sort of, is maybe not the most important of the three, but having a good playlist and good music in the background is, is really nice support for, a party environment. And, and I usually, what I like to do now is, is to tell people is just to build a playlist of 50 songs, and put it on, and then forget about it. So drinks are really, important. I, I, I really do think that, social, parties are, sort of nervous occasions. There's a lot of nervous energy. There's a lot of people doing, standing in a room and meeting one another. And often times that's, that's quite, can be very hard for people. And so, drinks allow you to To sort of, grease the wheels, if you will, and to allow people to relax a little bit. As a host, your first job, when the guests walk in, is to put a drink in their hands. That's, you greet them, you get them a drink, and you're done. After that, they're gonna be fine. [MUSIC]