To Host A Party With No Stress

How To Host A Party With No Stress

Maxwell Ryan shares how to a host a party that is successful without the stress that comes with it!

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[MUSIC] How do you make a party easy on yourself? I think a lot of people make it hard on themself by complicating the menu. You can get really excited about friends coming over, and you can wanna cook something gourmet and fantastic that you've never done before. But nine times out of ten, that's gonna be your stumbling block, and it's gonna stress you out, and you're not gonna be ready, and you're not gonna feel comfortable when the guests come. So, cooking a meal that's simple, that you've done many times, that you know is a favorite, that you can do with your eyes closed, you will be able to relax so much more. It really makes a difference. If cooking is going to stress you out, and you really want to have a good time and you want to have food for people, I've seen people do take-out and it's been fine. When people come in and they want to do something, and there are people who just always want to help, the best job you can give them is to help other people make a drink. So, send them to the bar, let them run the bar, it puts them safe away from the kitchen and from things that you may need to get done, and to make sure that everyone else is sort of meeting and greeting in a, you know, in a good way. What can be really helpful, also, to make guests more relaxed is to give them an end to the party. So, at a certain point, when dessert's over, and you, or that last thing that you do, it's often nice to say, well, we're all done. Would anyone like anything else? And if you need to go, please, please go. And then, that can be very helpful to people. And the people who stay, stay, and you can still have a nice time and go until midnight. [MUSIC]