Summer Entertaining: The 2 Must-Haves For Any Party

When it comes to summer entertaining, there are two things that make a party really successful. Maxwell Ryan explains those two must-haves and why they are important.

[MUSIC] If you asked me what's the most important thing for entertaining outdoors, I would say: lighting. Because at a certain point it gets dark, and you can't see much, unless you have nice lighting. And, the most beautiful thing about being outdoors are those little twinkling lights, and the sense of being under the stars and being in an outdoor space. You don't really need colorful tablecloths and soft chairs, and all the sort of stuff that you appreciate indoors. And it's not about de-, decor. It's about being in nature. And the thing that brings that out the most and also highlights the space, whether you're on a balcony in the backyard or, you know, in a field, are lights. And you can use little lights from tea lights, to string lights, to torches, to set, and set at distances from where you're at, to guide the eye and make the space look immense, and look beautiful. And sort of, create these little visual moments where people can travel to in the darkness with their eyes, again, it increases the sense of space around them and it's festive. I really like parties that move. I think even if you're giving a party in a small apartment, or a big outdoor space, if you can take advantage of moving people to three different places. So they can be standing and having drinks, they could sit down at the dinner table, for dinner, for the meal, and then you can move people to a different space, for dessert. If you just move people those three steps, you'll find that you keep a, mum, the momentum in the evening. You, you sort of refresh the energy each time you move. You break up stale conversations, and you open up the possibility for new conversations. And I find it always makes a party better. Always. [MUSIC]