Entertaining: Avoid These 3 Party Mistakes!

Summer Entertaining: Avoid These 3 Party Mistakes!

Summer entertaining should be fun and easy. Maxwell Ryan shares his three tips on how to avoid party mistakes.

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[MUSIC]. I think the biggest mistake hosts make in giving parties is not being ready. So, the best thing you can do is setup your party before the guests get there. That said, nobody's perfect. You never finish everything in time. Don't start with cooking. Have all your groceries, have all the food you need, so you don't have to go out, but start by setting up the room. Setting up the table. Setting up the living room. Making sure that the space itself is ready for guests. So now, as your guests come in, everything and the room in the space in your home is done, and they can be comfortable. Drinks are really important, as a host, your first job, when the guests walk in is to put a drink in their hands. People make a big mistake by letting guests come in, and not giving them their, your know, what they need to get relaxed. And, and so they wait, and they get stranded on the side of the room without, talking to someone without having a drink. And so, drinks allow you to grease the wheels if you will, and to allow people to relax a little bit. Not just because of the alcohol, but because having something to do is inherently relaxing, in a social environment. I've noticed when people come to sit down at the table, and they sit wherever they want. And I think that's a huge mistake, it's a big missed opportunity. Because people, people will tend to always sit next to their partner or their spouse. And what you really want from a party is you want new conversations to happen. And the only way that will happen is if you mix them up. But people will not mix themselves up by themselves. They'll run away from that opportunity. So, as a host, you have to step in, and use your authority to mix people up. The best thing to do with, with guests is to simply, say, split them up boy, girl, boy, girl. And, have partners not sit next to one another. That's it, if you do that you'll be fine.