Engagement Party: How To Plan An Outdoor Event

A casual outdoor setting can be the perfect backdrop for an engagement party. Here are some festive ideas to inspire your next event!

A casual outdoor setting can be the perfect backdrop for an engagement party. From invitations to buffet, beverages to party favors, here are a few festive ideas to inspire you. [MUSIC] Start with a party theme, this sweet plus savory message starts with these charming invitations. Strips of water colored card stock give these invites the look of a vintage basket or a patchwork quilt. The sweet and savory theme continues in the menu, with a mix of seasonal vegetable and fruit tartlets. Plan a self served buffet you can prep in advance. Small bites are perfect for warmer weather, because you can take out only what you need and replenish from the fridge. Keep plenty of trays on hand for easy transport. We dress these up by cutting and weaving soft copper strips that mimic the pattern of the party invitation. Painted plant markers are a fun way to identify appetizers. Think of your engagement party buffet table as an edible landscape. To add visual interest, mix flat trays with cake pedestals of different heights, buckets of fresh flowers, and pretty hurricane candles. Pick whatever's in bloom, here just-cut roses are mixed with blackberry stems. The best outdoor parties also include a self-serve drink station. So no one gets stuck tending bar. Mix vintage and modern glassware in a single color to bring the collection together. This pink hue coordinates with the tablecloth, a simple cotton sheet dyed with berry colored stripes. Make the most of in-season fruit with a homemade punch, and choose a few summery wines to chill on ice. Adorn your yard with small seating groups of different styles and a single color to invite conversation. To keep the party going after the sun goes down, add a few candles to trees. We used mason jars on sturdy branches and on tables. Meanwhile, potted strawberries and lemon time are decorations that can be enjoyed all summer. Finally, try an edible party favor, sweet meets savory in the form of lemon thyme shortbread cookies. Cut the dough in cute shapes, bake, and tuck them in little muffin bags as a tasty takeaway for guests. Use these ideas to make your next engagement party an event to remember. [MUSIC]