Summer Party: Making The Most of Berries!

Make fresh-picked berries the star of your next outdoor party with these easy ideas.

Nothing says summer like fresh picked berries. Here's how to make these natural treats the star of your next outdoor party. [MUSIC]. The gorgeous colors of summer berries make any dessert table festive. Keep things simple by using pre-made tart shells or pie crusts. Fill them the morning of the party. To keep the shells from getting soggy, try this trick. Melt white chocolate. Paint it on the inside of the shell and let it set before you add pastry cream. Top with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrant, and other favorites. Leave a few stems and leaves on the berries for that just-picked look. Create an eye-catching display by putting deserts on different levels. Show off your pie on a pretty cake stand. Arrange tarts on festive trays. We dressed these up by cutting and weaving soft copper strips available at craft stores. Use plant markers and a paint pen to create fun labels for your desserts. Your guests are guaranteed to love the look and the great summer taste. [MUSIC]