Favorite Kitchen Paint Colors

Our Favorite Kitchen Paint Colors

Discover the kitchen paint colors that top our list - and get inspired to try them in your home.

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Color changes everything. Here are some of our favorite paint colors that will transform your kitchen. The fresh blue on the walls is the perfect complement to this light-filled kitchen. Rich chocolate brown works well with cooler colors such as these blue cabinets. This traditional tan is at home in older kitchens or where you want to instill a sense of history. [MUSIC]. The green paint in this modern kitchen adds a warm, playful air. It can be hard to find a beautiful color to play the supporting role, but the off-white on the walls is timeless. Take a risk with bold yet livable color on your island, like this sunny yellow [MUSIC] This greige is a color chameleon and works with any style and finish you would find in a kitchen. [MUSIC]. Whether you want bold or understated, try these paint colors for a beautiful kitchen. [MUSIC]