Your Walkway

Improve Your Walkway

Whether crafted of concrete slabs or paving stones, noteworthy walkways signal arrival. Use these tips to fashion a walkway that makes a fine first impression.

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[MUSIC] Boost your home's accessibility and overall appeal with a better front walkway design. [MUSIC]. Front walkways join public right of ways and private spaces. Safely guide guests to your door with a clear, level walkway. A width of 3 to 5' allows two people to travel side by side. Choose walkway materials that match those on your home's exterior. Own a brick home and want a quick fix? Frame any style walkway with bricks that match or complement your home. Use a walkway to underscore a home's architectural style. If your home is contemporary, restate its modern gleamings with large pavers resting in beds of river stone. Instead of a typical pathway leading straight to your front door, use a winding route that invites guests to enjoy the journey. Show off your landscaping and frame a gently curving walk with lush plantings. When well maintained and crisply edged, even the most straightforward concrete sidewalk enhances a home's accessibility and appeal. [MUSIC]