How to Choose Deck Materials

Whether you’re planning a new deck or a deck makeover, here's what you need to know to select the best deck materials for your home, budget, and lifestyle.

[MUSIC] Whether you're planning a new deck or renovating an old one, we've got the tips to choosing the best materials at the right price. [MUSIC] Pressure treated lumber is known for its durability and value. The readily available material can be painted or stained to compliment the house. It also resists insects and rot. The downside? It does require power washing, sealing, and restaining almost annually. Like the idea of wood but wanna take it up a notch? Consider redwood or cedar. They resist insects, decay, and can be stained, painted, or left to weather naturally. But if you really want to splurge, try exotic hardwoods like ipe, teak, and tigerwood, which boast rich colorations and resist mold and decay. They're also slip resistant and splinter free, bringing indoor comfort outside. If maintenance isn't your thing, try an easy care material that mimics the look of wood. Composite decking and decking made from plastic, vinyl, or metal cost more than pressure treated wood but require only periodic cleaning with soap and water, or just a good rinsing with the hose. Before you build, remember to take time to compare different decking materials. You always wanna make sure you get the best bang for your budget. [MUSIC]