The Dos and Don'ts of Choosing House Paint Colors

Ready for a change of hue? See how three homes dial up their curb appeal with fresh color combinations, and use these simple tips to transform your exterior with paint.

[MUSIC] A striking exterior color scheme can take your home from forgettable to picture worthy. See how these three home combine paint colors to play out their best features. Don't overlook colors in favor of plain neutrals. A cheerful apricot exterior with green accents is a fresh take on the traditional white farmhouse. The yellow undertones craft a warm exterior. Do mix flat and shiny surfaces when painting your exterior. Use flat finishes on the body of your house and use shiny finishes to highlight millwork. Do repeat gray-green paint on the window sashes and front door pops against the other colors without being overbearing. Do look to your landscape for color inspiration. Green, brown, and coppery tones that appear in nature always work well together. Don't always blend in. Choose a front door color that contrasts with your home siding but coordinates with an element on your exterior. Do try a dark color scheme by painting two-thirds of the exterior in a dark hue and one-third in a lighter tone. Coffee brown and white paints keep this exterior simple, yet striking. Don't overlook wood finishes. They'll contribute color to the mix. This deck plays off the roof's copper hues and softens the home's contrasting colors. With these ideas, you can be confident in choosing exterior color combos that put your home's best facade forward.