Favorite Bathroom Paint Colors

Our Favorite Bathroom Paint Colors

See the bathroom paint colors we love and get inspired to try a new hue!

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[MUSIC] Color changes everything. Here are some of our favorite paint colors that will transform your bathroom. All of the white in this bathroom pairs perfectly with a moody gray wall color. Finding the right shade of white is harder than you think, but this one is a winner. A sunny yellow hue is a classic choice for a vintage chic bathroom. A soothing bluish gray makes any bathroom feel like a spa. This green is subtle and soothing, and adds a hint of color in the contemporary bath. Take a risk in your bath with a rich copper. Like it's name, the color gives the bathroom just the right amount of spice. An elegant saturated blue is the perfect complement to warm woods. And everything from contemporary to traditional style. A bathroom is a little oasis in your home and the perfect place to try out a new paint color. [MUSIC]