Shooting Star Cookie (There's a Surprise Inside!)

Guests will squeal when bright red sprinkles pop out of these yummy sugar cookies. The layering technique is a cinch when you see it come together.

[MUSIC] Let's make the must fun, great water blue cookies ever. This is how the magic starts. We marry our blue dough with our plain dough, how simple is that? And watch, couldn't be easier. Pick up one dough, put it on top of the other. Keep stacking, stacking, stacking. You continue stacking until your dough is high enough and wide enough, to accommodate whichever sweet little star you're going to use. The trick is, in the beginning, we take very thin slices from the dough. [MUSIC] Nothing goes to waste here. So we need three cookies, to make our special cookie altogether. Then you take a small star, and you make a hole, in the middle. And then you bake this at 350 for ten to 12 minutes. And then you're going to pipe some of the Royal icing, just inside the cookie. And you put that right nestled on top, nice and secure. Make sure all the tips are matching. And now you see why we have this beautiful little cavity, or treasure box, for our red sparkles. And just fill it up to the top, don't let it mound otherwise, our second cookie won't fit as snugly. And now we want another, little beading of real icing along, just along the inside, and you find it's little partner, wrangle in on top. Make sure everything matches. So break open a cookie, and make your holiday sparkle. [MUSIC]