Fun July 4th Dessert: Berry Flag Tart

The star of your patriotic menu will be this flag-shape dessert featuring bright red raspberries, tart blueberries, and dough cut in stripes and star shapes. Despite the masterpiece finish, it's actually quite simple to make.

[MUSIC] One of the things I love about this is that it's so easy, but it looks like you spent thousands of hours making it. All you have to do is roll out your dough until it's just a little bit bigger than the sheet pan. I freeze it for about 20 minutes. So that when you bake it, it doesn't shrink, and then use a fork. I'm gonna poke holes all the way on to the bottom of the pan. The berries, you don't have to cook them. I use fresh berries, and I use a mixture of sugar and something called clear gel which is a thickener. And you arrange the berries inside where you know they should be. [MUSIC] Now, the trick to making the stripes and the stars is that I egg-wash the dough. And in this case, we're using it as a little glue for whatever. I can use this castered sugar which is really white, so that both of your stars and stripes will pop over just like the flag. [MUSIC] Bake it for about 45 minutes to an hour. That's it. [MUSIC]