Firecracker Party Cake: Layered Trifle Dessert

A trifle dish is the perfect way to layer lightly-spiced red cake with mascarpone and whipping cream for a gorgeous red and white dessert. We've got the tricks for layering and topping the treat!

Welcome to a party in a bowl. Now, this is layers of, of cake that's a little spicy. It tastes like a red hot. If you want blueberry layers, fantastic, do it. Or you can tailor to any celebration, that you wanna make special. The easiest thing about this is that, instead of making perfect little layers, you cube up the cake. You put it up against the sides first, so there are no little gaps. And then you fill in the rest, and make a perfect layer. [MUSIC] And this is where it's important not to have, big gaps in between the little pieces of cake. So that the cream doesn't go in, and hide between them. [MUSIC] And you put the cream cake, cream, nothing could be easier. You decorate the top, in a spectacular but incredibly easy way. And all you do, is you make little dollops. And you start on the outside and they look like little pompoms. [MUSIC] And sprinkle with some shooting stars. [MUSIC]