Frozen Yogurt Icebox Cake with Hidden Stars!

There's something special inside this homemade frozen dessert! Star shapes reveal themselves as you cut into the center. Watch our quick tutorial on this deceptively simply sweet.

[MUSIC] This is why I love silicon molds is that they're bendy, and you can just pop everything out, look how easy. You nestle him right next to his friends, and you just push him in. And you keep going down the line, one next to the other, as close as you can get them. It's time for a beautiful blue, and you just spoon it over. It's gonna be that almost melty consistency, so that it can get in all the little cracks. If it is too hard, it won't be able to settle in, cuz you wanna be able to cut through the loaf and not see one air bubble. Smooth it out, cuz this is going to be the top and then freeze. [MUSIC]