Cream Island Punch, The Cutest 5-Ingredient Cocktail Ever!

Coconut Cream Island Punch, The Cutest 5-Ingredient Cocktail Ever!

Make our DIY party cocktail -- that includes just a few tasty ingredients -- for an adults-only drink everyone can agree on. Cut-up star fruit provides a gorgeous base inside your drink pitcher.

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[MUSIC] I know you're ready for a break. And have I got one for you. [MUSIC] Look at the stars. That's why they're called star fruit. Isn't that gorgeous? And I love the film and the beautiful pitcher, with a few blueberries for accent color. This is tropical. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna add we're gonna add some coconut sorbet first. And what this does, is it cools down the punch. It gives it sweetness and coconut flavor. And it also makes it look so creamy, like an old fashioned milk punch. And then, I add a little rum, half a cup. More if you want. Less if you want. None if you want. And then our next little treat that we're going to add is a sparkling grapefruit soda, which gives it a nice little hint of tang, and of course it gives it bubbles, which everybody likes. And you add two cans. You stir it. It doesn't have to melt completely, you just want to get it nice and milky looking because as it sits there, it's gonna melt slowly but surely. And then pour it in your little pitcher. And you can let it sit in the refrigerator for half hour. [MUSIC] Isn't that perfect? [MUSIC]