Best Perennial Flowers of 2014

The Best Perennial Flowers of 2014

Perennials are a popular choice for gardeners looking to get more bang for their buck. Add interest to your perennial garden with these top new varieties, including a hardy hibiscus and colorful coneflower.

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Perennials are always a top pick for any gardener, with their variety in size, shape, and color. So it's no surprise that this year's up-and-comers have something for everyone. Guara is often considered an annual by Northern gardeners, but it really doesn't matter because Sparkle White blooms its first year. Summerific Cherry Cheesecake Hibiscus is a new winter-hardy variety that survives as far north as zone four. Its huge, pale pink flowers are delicately etched in dark cherry. These plants can grow five feet tall and four feet wide. Prepare to be blown away by Illumination Flame Digiplexis. Related to fox glove, this award-winning new hybrid develops stocks of large reddish-orange flowers with yellow throats. The plants only downside is that it's not hardy in Northern climates. The bold blooms of Supreme Elegance Coneflower are simply spectacular. Each flower has a deep red center surrounded by a rim of mauve pink petals. Siesta is a compact variety of Helenium growing just 18 to 20 inches tall so it won't flop over like other varieties. [MUSIC] From June until September the plants produce masses of deep red flowers with pretty yellow centers. Hot, dry conditions are no problem for shade loving, Silver Heart Brunnera. Unlike some older forms of Brunnera, the leaves of Silver Heart are thick and robust so they won't wilt when summer temperatures soar. Whether it's an ensemble in a flower bed or a stand alone piece next to the patio, these perennials will compliment any setting.